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Go contactless with RTN QR Pay! Scan, pay, and go with ease. Simply scan a QR code to make seamless payments; no cards or cash are needed. It's fast, efficient, and hassle-free.
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RTN QR Pay is the future of contactless payments in the USA. The presence of strategic and effective functionalities like truly contactless QR payments, digital ATMs, and loyalty programmers makes RTN QR Pay very promising for merchants and customers alike.


Get ready to go cashless! Make payments using your phone. RTN QR Pay makes it easy to pay without carrying any cards. Convenient, contactless, and secure—the future of payments is here!

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Digital ATM

Upgrade your cash withdrawals to the next level with RTN Digital ATM. Get your cash instantly with a few clicks on your phone from any of the thousands of RTN approved locations, faster and more securely.

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Loyalty Program

Make your purchases count! Get rewarded every time you shop with our new loyalty program! Sign up today and start earning reward points. Get exclusive discounts and more!

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Why Us

RTN QR Pay provides the convenience of contactless transactions.
Transactions are fast and secure.
No need for carrying debit/credit cards or wallets.
RTN Digital ATM allows you to withdraw money using your phone.
RTN Loyalty Program allows you to earn reward points on every transaction.
Access to exclusive coupons, gift cards, and special discounts on every purchase.

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