RTN Pay is a subsidiary of RealTime Networking, a software company situated in Milledgeville, Georgia. RealTime Networking is well established in the C-store market and has been in business for over 7 years in more than 30 states.


RTN Pay is a payment gateway service provider for merchant services, offering a complete sales and payment processing solution. We bring you flat-rate pricing, PCI compliance, easy integration and onboarding, free PAX device program, free virtual terminal, iOS and Android-based mobile app, 24x7 live customer support.  We offer incredible benefits and custom-tailored plans to suit businesses in C-store, retail, e-commerce and more.


The CEO and founder, Mr. Jipal Bhalodwala, has worked in the software business for 7 years and also has 16 years of experience running his own convenience store in Milledgeville, Georgia. The unmatched experience, expertise and vision of a person who understands the C-store business inside out make the success story of RTN Pay.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the lowest debit/credit processing rates to merchants while providing a seamless and secure digital transaction experience. We eliminate third-party dependency through direct integration with card networks, i.e., directly connect the merchant to the bank. This streamlined, single-source solution allows merchants to save hefty commission amounts and maximize profits. We also guarantee complete transparency through our iOS & Android-based mobile app, which allows our customers to understand how they are being charged.


We primarily serve the convenience store industry as the first payment gateway provider with a primary focus on C-store, thoroughly understanding the complexities, challenges and opportunities of this interesting business sector.  We seek to automate and streamline the entire payment industry for C-store business and significantly reduce debit/credit processing costs to maximize profit. Our goal is to upgrade the C-store payment system altogether and provide C-store owners with incredible payment experiences.


Our Vision

Our vision is to revamp and automate the C-store business in its entirety. We believe complicated payment processing should not be a deterrent to business growth or customer satisfaction and that with the right technology, managing the C-store can be a breeze. We provide innovative tools to digitalize and manage in-store business operations better and reduce labour costs.


RTN Pay is in the process of digitalizing the entire C-store industry by covering the two major payment modes of debit/credit card processing and electronic check and ACH payment. While card processing is the customer-merchant mode of payment, the check method serves as a channel for merchant-vendor payment transactions, where currently, chequebooks account for 90% of all transactions.


Our Goal

Our goal is to digitalize the entire C-store payment process with the enhanced capabilities of RTN Pay's top-notch fintech-based software.


We will be launching the RTN Cash App, which will streamline store business operations by eliminating the need for bookkeeping/paper trail.


RTN Cash App will enable you to transfer funds with a few taps on your phone, a brand new alternative to cash or credit card payments and paper checks. It is a virtual wallet that you can use in stores or online. E-check and e-wallet mobile applications have become crucial in the e-commerce market, primarily used for online shopping, online bill payments, ticketing and booking, etc.


With our payment gateway in the first phase and RTN Cashapp in the second phase taking over the digital payments landscape, the C-store industry will undergo a complete digital transformation.

Contact Details:

  • +1-8553961776


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